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  • Seeking employment or moving up? Our self-paced hotel sales and catering management programs focus on the core, practical skills you need for a successful career.
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  • July 2014 : How to Estimate Space Needed for Conferences, Events, and Banquets
    Need some guidelines for setting up meeting rooms, events, and conferences? Hotels typically offer brochures that include square footage for each room and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated. But there are a lot of  other variables that [More...]

  • July 2014 : Profile of a Hotel Sales Manager
    Median Annual Salary $65,000 Top 10 Percent of Earners More than $135,000 Bottom 10 Percent of Earners $40,000 or less What Qualities Make A Good Hotel Sales Manager? Individuals who may enjoy a career as a hotel sales manager include creative types with a flair for marketing, interacting with [More...]


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